Educational Projects Award

The ASMF is committed to promoting awareness of sleep and its disorders through educational grants. It has been shown in numerous surveys and studies that education regarding sleep and sleep disorders is suboptimal in both medical school curricula and residency training programs. Despite the ACGME’s mandate that all residency programs include instruction on sleep and fatigue training, few devote more than one lecture per year to this topic. Following GME training, a physician’s education is typically through CME courses. Despite the growing understanding of sleep disorders and the increasing awareness of these conditions in clinical practice, few of these courses provide sufficient information about sleep medicine.

Lack of a basic knowledge regarding sleep may diminish a physician’s ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders, understand their potential effect on health, quality of life or exacerbation of other co-morbid conditions, order appropriate diagnostic testing, or initiate adequate therapeutic plans. Studies have shown that in a general health screening appointment, fewer than 10% of physicians inquire about sleep. Similarly, there is a general lack of understanding regarding the importance of sleep and awareness of sleep disorders among patients and the lay public. This further promotes delayed or missed diagnoses, pursuit of unapproved and potentially harmful alternative therapies, and worsened outcomes.

Given this dearth of education and understanding about sleep in both the lay and medical communities, the American Sleep Medicine Foundation invites applications to apply for grants devoted to improving awareness about sleep and its disorders to both the public and all levels of the health care provider and physician training/continuing education continuum.

Grant applications will be considered responsive if they target one of the following focus areas:

  1. Development of techniques, educational materials, learning/teaching aids, etc that will promote sleep health through increasing awareness and identification of sleep disorders by health care professionals.
  2. Development of techniques, educational materials, learning/teaching aids, etc that will increasing awareness of sleep disorders, stress the importance of sleep and promote healthy sleep habits among the population, including approaches to address human suffering in under-served populations as it relates to inadequate or non-restorative sleep, or sleep disorders in disadvantaged groups.
  3. Development of novel curricular resources (e.g. electronics/internet based) or educational programs/courses/seminars designed to educate medical students, residents or other health care professionals in the basic fundamentals of sleep medicine and sleep disorders.

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  • Physicians (MD or DO) and PhDs actively engaged in the practice of sleep research, clinical Sleep Medicine or Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants or other allied health care professional practicing Sleep Medicine on a full-time basis.

Previously recipients of an ASMF Educational Project Award are ineligible to apply in the subsequent year. Host institutions and their faculty that previously received an ASMF Educational Project Award are ineligible to apply for this award in the subsequent year.

Candidates must complete the application process by January 17, 2012. The final decision of awardees will be made by April 16, 2012 and announced at the SLEEP 2012 meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

For questions about the Educational Projects Award or other ASMF inquiries, please contact Nick Cekosh, ASMF Coordinator at 630-737-9700 or