Bridge to K Research Award

The American Sleep Medicine Foundation (ASMF) is pleased to announce the 2014 grant cycle for the “Bridge to K Research Award.” This award is designed to provide ‘bridge funding’ to promising sleep scientists who have applied for an entry-level career development award - such as a K grant from NIH, a CDA-1 from the VA or equivalent application - but whose applications are unlikely to be within the funding cutoff and who need additional time and resources to collect further data and respond to the funding institution's critique, thereby increasing the chances of a successful grant resubmission.


The ASMF invites sleep scientists to apply for the Bridge to K Award if they:

  1. Possess an advanced degree (MD, DO or PhD)
  2. Have submitted a grant application for a career development award in the field of sleep or circadian rhythms to the NIH, VA or equivalent. 
  3. Have received their summary statement from NIH, VA or equivalent, and if applicable, the priority score indicates it is likely to not receive funding.

Through this award, the ASMF aims to assist investigators at a critical juncture in their career where bridge funding can determine whether or not a promising sleep scientist stays in the sleep field or moves to a different career track. The ASMF will award up to two $75,000 grants per year, with the possibility of a full or partial second year of funding for awardees with further documented need. The awards can be used for research expenses such as salary support, and supplies, as well as institutional overhead (up to 8%).

A grant review committee appointed by the ASMF Executive Board will evaluate and rank the proposals for a final decision by the ASMF Board of Directors to determine the award recipients. Factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  1. The summary statement and priority score (if available) from the NIH, VA, or equivalent;
  2. A clear plan for resubmission of a competitive NIH K, VA CDA-1 or equivalent grant application that is responsive to the critique of the original application (including, for example, collection of required preliminary data);
  3. Continued involvement in academic sleep medicine, including performing original research and publishing research articles under the guidance and support of an established sleep research mentor;
  4. Continued involvement in a mentored training plan (potentially including enrollment in courses) directed towards a successful career path in academic sleep medicine.

Application Deadline

Candidates must complete the application process by March 3, 2014. Applicants will be notified of the award decision in June 2014.

For questions about the Bridge to K Research Award or other ASMF inquiries, please contact Laura Bentley, ASMF Coordinator at 630-737-9700 or